Photofield 73 – “The Exponential Curve Projects the Future/Past”


Michael Barnard has been making fine art, films, original music, and written works since he was a teenager.

He has made hundreds of  films of every description at locations all over the world. Many have won awards in various festivals and competitions.

His earliest films were experimental pieces known as “Field Films” and were widely shown in museums, galleries, art lofts, and schools across the U.S. during the 60s and 70s. Michael spent 7 years making films for the TM movement in the 70’s where he not only documented the activities of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and made numerous documentaries about TM, but also designed, built and supervised a complete film post-production facility which included a state-of-the-art 16/35mm color/B&W motion picture film laboratory.

Michael has resided in Los Angeles since 1978 where he founded Barnard Productions, which became   LightningBolt PIX – a full-service boutique digital production/post-production company. LightningBolt PIX has produced and posted many commercials, music videos, documentaries, FX sequences, and feature films for clients such as HBO, Columbia Pictures, Sony, Warner Bros., etc. . Go to www.boltpix.com to learn more.

Michael’s artwork has included many media, but over the past 10 years he has focused primarily on making large-scale photographic montage works called Photofields. Many of these unique works are in collections around the country. Go to www.photofields.com to see more.

Michael also has been a guitarist since his teenage years. He played rythmn guitar in the 60’s folk rock Bay Area band  The Wildflower, and then went on to play and perform his own acoustic original solo guitar works. In the 90s he released his first CD of this guitar music (“9 Rainbow Field”) and has now released a 2nd (“FieldMusic”). Both can be found under the “Music” tab on this website, as well as on iTunes and amazon.com

He has published a number of written works including poetry and essays. He also written numerous film scripts. He is planning to write and publish several books on a variety of subjects in the coming years.

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